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Baby Hat Knitting Patterns

One of the more interesting facts about babies is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and because of
this getting clothing to fit properly can be an issue at times. One solution to this dilemma is to make a few pretty hats from the various free knitting patterns that are available online - the number of patterns are seemingly endless and some of the designs are simply spectacular. One major benefit of using free knitting patterns for baby hats is that in most instances they can be altered to fit the exact dimensions of a given baby, by adding a few stitches here or removing a few stitches there.

Santa Hat For Babies - This is a wonderful pattern for a Christmas hat for babies, found at

Viking Hat - This one is guaranteed to make you laugh - it's worth making just for the photo opportunities it will create, found at

Puffin Munchkin Baby Hat - This looks to be straight out of the "Wizard of Oz" available at

Little Monster Baby Hat - At you can get a unique baby hat pattern that has these....little things???... on top.

Cupcake Baby Hat - This is an adorable knitting pattern that is well worth checking out at

Baby Sun Hat - This is a cool knitting pattern that features a wavy brim and interesting colors, found at


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Crochet Patterns For Baby Items

Finding easy crochet patterns for baby items is a simple task, but making enough crochet projects that can
keep up with a growing child is the truly hard part of the scenario. Babies change so quickly that what was a much-used item this month is certain to be among the pile of "unusable" items next month, so it requires that crochet patterns for baby items be discovered and made ahead of time in order to keep pace. These free crochet patterns can be found all over the internet and serve as great ways to kill time while nurturing a fussy baby in the middle of the night and also make wonderfully personalized gifts for other parents as well.

Here are some of the better free crochet patterns for making baby items that are available:

I Love You Mom Bib - A colorful crochet pattern that makes a 13 inch by 13 inch bib out of 1 inch squares, this states "I Love You Mom" right across the front, available at…

Baby Mitten Crochet Patterns

Crochet baby mittens are a great way to use up yarn scraps left from other projects and most are
easy crochet patterns, and because baby mittens don't use very much yarn a little goes a long way in making a number of pairs. We as adults tend to forget sometimes that mittens do more than just keep a baby's hands warm in cold weather - they also help to protect a child's hands when they thrash around and prevent babies from scratching themselves. The best part of making crochet baby mittens is that they can be adjusted by a few stitches here and there to fit any baby perfectly, and another mitten can be made easily if one should be lost or stained beyond the point of being cleaned.

Baby Mittens - At you'll discover one of the prettiest free crochet patterns around for a wonderful pair of baby mittens.

Baby Scratch Mitts - This cute pattern will keep baby's hands warm while keeping them from scratc…

Baby Booties Crochet Patterns

One of the more interesting aspects of babies is that they come in all shapes and sizes from birth, and
they change so quickly in size that it can be tough for a new parent to keep up with the need for appropriate footwear. Babybooties can be insanely expensive these days so a great way to defray some of these cost is to make your own babybooties utilizing the free crochet baby bootie patterns that can be found online. A majority of these are easy crochet patterns and can be completed fast and easily. Here is a small sampling of some of these free patterns that should suit the need of most babies nicely:

Easy Baby Booties - At you'll find a free pattern that fits a newborn that is about 3 inches long.

Crochet Bootee  - This is a lovely pattern that features a frilly top and looks quite comfortable, found at

Lavander Baby Booties - At …